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Monday, April 21, 2014

Schedule Book scribd page links and updated binder use for it

OK so I am frustrated and figured I would just list a group link to the pages for the schedule book because I am (now) not seeing Monday showing up either even tho I know it is there.  So hopefully, these links will get you to the pages to be able to print the basic schedule book.  There are other pages with little tags for it but I am seeing them show up, so check the whatsinthebox (my user name for Scribd) for those.

The original style

New idea for this year:

I put the schedule book into a 3-ring binder.  I cut off the spiral binding and then trimmed up the edging a tad. I will need to put clear tape on the edge because I cut the 'melted' part of the lamination off to do this. To avoid any further damage-or have it split apart, I will have to do a simple clear tape fix-it job on it. After cutting off the edging I punched the holes and placed it into the binder.  Now in hindsight, if I had decided to put it in a binder instead of getting it spiral bound, I would have avoided the need to doctor it up. I also could have changed the outside of the front cover to anything really-maybe a blocked page with a spot to put a label for the month or something.  I dunno-but since it is what it is, it shall stay as is. I did have to make a new cover for the outside of the binder-which was easy to do.  The reason I chose to change this up is because I can now place the schedule book upright if need be (otherwise, with the spiral binding it slumped over) and the pockets will allow for a printed sheet with any other 'need to know for your week' data the boy will require.  I can change that out each week, or month.

Haven't quite decided how to tweak it all out since we are literally coming back to using this.  I missed it.  He needs it and I hope it does what it is intended to do-keep him from being a wanderer and from not being focused. Ah, pre-teen boys-the challenges of keeping them motivated.  Now for next year he will have different schedule book pages (will make over the summer-most likely will be all car or baseball themed) but figured I would get my time's worth out of this one for the rest of the semester.  We'll go a tad more grown up for his first year as a Jr. High student (in the fall).  I will still use tags that Velcro on tho to keep me from having to constantly type or write out repetitive activities.

I just put a few tags on for an example.  I am in the process of making new ones-esp. for the world geography we'll be covering next year, and other various tags that relate to his current interests.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yeah! Finished Schedule books

OK, so UPS was a flop-they only do the comb-binding there. So went to Office Max. For about $3 each, had em bound. I did get the 1 1/4" ish ring size-I measured what the thickness was, when I had cards on both sides of the day charts, and it was about an inch-so I didn't want to have it all pinched by having too small of a ring-but now that I see it (too late to change it) I am thinking an inch size is perfect. Actually, the dude said they come in mm -so whatever is close to that. Anyhoo-this 3 or so week project is finally done! Whoop it up!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Had a good question about the schedule books

My TOS mate Lisa from the Berry Patch, at Freedom Academy (that is her HS blog) asked if I would then be scheduling out the full week, using the Schedule Books-and that would be a big YES!!!  With the daily schedule strips, I would be redoing 5 x per week, what could be done once a week.  That way too-I can see what we have going on thru-out the week, and will be able to pack the boxes (even tho this doesn't tell me what is going in-I still know how many boxes I wanted for that day) accordingly.  I tend to wing it too much, so this way I will be a bit more grounded.  Not that we are bound by that schedule, but it is a goal to try to meet.  On those days we simply cannot get to it all-if it is of major importance, then those box cards/activity cards will be moved to the spare spots or the "carry over" spots on the next day's grid.

Also, she wanted to know about binding.  I am going to the UPS store first, b/cuz it is just up the road-(want to scope out who would be doing it tho-and if I feel they understand and can accomplish it without ruining it-I will have it done there since it is like $3 or so bucks a piece)...but if I am uneasy about their skills (hey, ya know, this took a lot of time and some cashola to create  these beauties-have to be a bit protective of em), I will go to the Office Depot or is that Office Max? Well, whatever it is near the mall, to have it done.  Kinkos can do it too-just not one near close enough to our homestead go to.

And to Lisa, and the other gals who have already commented-thanks!  I am pleased to be able to share this idea (altho not that is was mine originally-thanks to Ginger Snap Shots for that) in the Super-Sized version.  If it helps a fellow HSing momma plan the kiddos week out, and if it saves her time in the long run (that would be after the things are made, cut, laminated, Velcro'd, bound and such-LOL) then it is all worth it!  


Have some of the Schedule Book info up on Scribd

I have a lot of these cards and the schedule book up for downloading...but you will have to figure out the tabs for days of the week-as the ones up on Scribd are not marked for it. I waited until I had the 2 pages glued back to back to each other,  before cutting out the tab areas-it just makes it easier and that way you have it correct.

Also, as for the cover page-you are on your own there too (sorry). I used clip art to create the pic, then added the child's name on it below the pic. That will need to be trimmed to fit so that the cover doesn't hide the tabs on the side-I think I trimmed about 1/2 in total off of it. You will laminate back to back-so the cover and the calendar grid day for Monday will be together. I have downloaded the days of the week pages for the calendar side of the schedule book.  I also have a blank one there-so be sure you are copying off the right one-I figure the blank one can be downloaded if you want a Sat. or Sunday page too.  The days of the week tabs are now up as well-there is some extra hints/suggestions on it as well.

You can find all these on my Scribd page for What's in the Box?

What's in the Box? Scribd homepage

I don't have all the little cards there because some are very specific to our needs-again-you can easily make these using your MS Word application.  They are 1 3/4" X 1 3/4" boxes , I get 3 x4 down for the grids.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Schedule book card ideas

I had a tackle box I bought at Kmart to hold some of my stamping supplies, so I emptied that, snapped off the two ends on one plastic divider strip (they come out easily) so I could have a bigger section for the calendar won't be too hard to keep them in order,  if I am careful...and there are enough sections here to hold two kids' worth of calendar, "do workbox #..." cards-one set per day/per kid (different color for each day), and the lunch cards. I think I paid less than $5 for the tackle box-but I have seen tons of different types of storage boxes like this, that would work great too. I wrote on it what was in it-plus it has a snap on top, which is very needful!



The lunch cards all fit into one section.

This beauty is what the boy made at one of the Home Depot Kid's Workshops.  It is suppose to be for nuts and bolts and such-but hey-why not use it for cards?  It has a sliding clear plastic top, and it holds the cards perfectly.  I have the boy's on the left, the teen's on the right, to keep them straight.


Oh goodie!  I see I did take a pic of it-well, here it is!

I made a bunch of cards for the computer games we have for him-and I did a couple for Starfall too.


Our girlie will be starting her driver's ed classes, so had to make these!

I made several of each card per kid.  That way if we are going on a field trip, both kids' books will have that card in it.  Or the library, HS group, walking, etc.

I will try to get some of these loaded to my scribd pages-but I have to go thru and make sure they are more generic-but really these are easy to create yourself.  I used our MS Word program, made grids of 3 across by 4 down per page at 1 3/4" X 1 3/4 ", then clicked the clip art section, chose what I thought would work, shrunk them to fit the spot and added instructions if necessary (you cannot put a lot down-so make it short and sweet), then copy/pasted it into as many blocks as I needed.  Then you simply save, print on card stock, cut em out, laminate them (tricky b/cuz you need to be sure they don't slide into the section b4 them and get laminated together-lost a library card that way)-and then cut again, Velcro 'em and whallah!  You are done!

I can get the big grid schedule pages up too, but there won't be the lines to guide the tabs.  I will have to go and measure out those and see if I can make a template or something-but to be honest-it is going to take me some time to do all of this.  I have a boat load of reviews coming due that I must pay attention to, it is inching up on Christmas and I really want to be done dealing with anything schooly by mid-Dec.  So it may take til next year.  The big grid sizes are 3x5 down of 2x2" and the other sheet (with the calendar) has a bigger box in the top for the calendar card, then 2 3x3 grid boxes of 2x2.    You will have to print those on card stock and decide if you want to stamp them-or as the boy pointed out-you could laminate and then let the kids sticker up the areas that are not in the grid space.  Or leave em blank.

So that is my major project news-hope you enjoyed reading about it. 

**Oh, and before someone asks-there is nothing wrong with a daily schedule strip, it was just becoming very time consuming to redo those every nite, this way I only set the days up one time per week (outside of any carry over cards).  I was able to trim down the cards I already had to fit the new schedule grids-so I was able to use those too.