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Monday, August 3, 2009

Our Family Cinema Presents...

OK, here it is... our cinema package. It is kind of hard to see the details (but if you click the thing, it makes it bigger), but you get the idea. I covered up our last name to protect the innocent (on the movie goodies folder) as well-so that is what that little strip of paper is. Basically, each kid will get a folder containing their ticket, a free coupon, and a work assignment card with the badge (I have yet to put a hole in it and string some yarn thru to make an ID necklace for them), and they will also get a money pouch with fake-O money to purchase additional items from the snack bar. As for the Snicky-Snack Bar menu...I never have all those things available, nor would I want to-so I listed as much as I could think of, and on movie day-the concession stand personnel will mark what the customers can purchase. I will throw in a calculator, note pad to take the orders, and extra $$ to make change. Their job is to set up and clean up the concession stand.

OK, so when I get some extra time, I will get the templates to make it user friendly for HSS, and will let you know when Ami posts it. If you cannot wait, it is easy to create using MS word images and different fonts. Just use the table icon to give you an outline for making them and for easy cutting. HTH.

Hmmm my pictures are MIA, let me get some news ones up for ya soon!