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Friday, August 10, 2012

Science: Apologia Land Animals Activity

We are currently studying the Apologia Land Animals of the Fifth Day as a part of our Heart of Dakota Creation to Christ study and I decided to make this activity to go along with the animals study.

Land Animals/Continents Match
*most animal images from National Geographic Stock Images

I simply made copies of each continent [from my Montessori collection of maps], added the title of it, glued them onto a reg. sized piece of card stock and then laminated them. I used a couple online sites (I think National Geographic** site has the best pics) and copy/pasted them to a MS Word document, shrunk them in size then copied them off.  Cut them out, placed a number on the back and then I will created a master list where the name of the critter matches the number and what continent(s) it can be mostly found on.  I went by the names found in the study and added a few extras when I saw that they also came from that continent.  I still have a few more to find but it is a good start.

The boy can then take this out-lay the correct critters on the correct continent and then I can check the work after.  This is the basic activity.  Some animals go on multiple continents so I need to do one of two things: make copies of those so each will have their own, or have him focus on one or two continents per time (and hopefully ones that don't have shared animals. Otherwise, I guess he can put the pic between the two continent cards).

The more difficult level of the activity (which can be done separately) is to have him put the animals under each order or species group, etc.  I simply went thru the material covered in the Apologia study to get these names. I typed/printed/glued to cardstock and laminated them in order to create this activity.  He'll have to do this several times before it become 'easy' for him but it is a way to reinforce the material (and esp. so because he is a hands-on learner).  I can also break it down into sub-groups like the study does to simplify it a tad as well.

 This is the chart found in the section on primates.  I can also have him pull all the primate pics and place them into their correct categories too.
I am only missing a few titles that I still need to type up/print/glue on and laminate.  But again-this is a good start and will keep him plenty busy.  I store these in three Ziplock bags (one big one for all of it, 2 smaller ones hold the pics and the titles).

**side note here-Nat'l Geographic allows you to upload and use pics for your personal use. Check the royalty free section of the stock photos. Therefore, I cannot share this 'work' for you to download. You'll have to go there yourself and create your own material.