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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Work Stations/Ideas for number cards and such

I thought I would post our work stations-one for a second grader, the other for a tenth grader.  There are boxes for putting the items that are non-consumable and need to be put away,  another for papers and assignments that need to be graded and recorded, another for all those little, laminated cards they have in their boxes/files, and the number card return board (I blocked out their names).  This is part of the their area.  The actual workboxes are nearby (well the boy's is right now-Sissy's is the file system until I get her boxes).

Thanks for taking a peek into our school area.

The teen's area.  She chose to have fruit for her numbers/board and layout.  They are so cute!  I just used good ole' MS Word for the clip art and grid.  It is that easy.  The return box card is a bag of fruit dumping out (instead of a dump truck like brother's label).  I also need to get a cork board above her area for all her notes and reminders she needs on a daily basis...some how they just disappear on the desk.

The Boy's area.  He has vehicles, of course!  I also have a current book we're reading near their boxes-simply because it is a good reminder spot.  He is also responsible for the calendar-hence the red board with the current number cards for it.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Can you tell what interests my boy?

I just had to share, b/cuz I finally did the numbers and well, for those of you with vehicle loving boys-here is another option for the number cards. I am going to make another set or 2, to break up the boredom of using the same ones over and over. I am going to do animals and something else...which still is undecided at this point. Anyway, I just scanned the lovely Microsoft images to collect a bunch we liked, shrank them to about the same size and then used a font we liked to get the numbers underneath. The hard part was I didn't put them into a grid, so I had to cut them out free-hand, which left some a bit non-centered, but hey-he doesn't care and so I will let it go (the former total perfectionist in me would not have, but the new me is like-no matter...)