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Friday, May 1, 2009

Good resource for centers and workbox items

I was racking my brain trying to remember a name of a company I bought some games (eVersion download) from and whalla-found the name on the Spanish game....

A very good site to look into. I bought a couple of the games for math just now and am working on making them (of course, color ink ran out) so will have to wait til tomorrow, but that is OK. Anyway, they have memberships that are not too spency (I will be getting the 3 month one for $14)-and they have it so you can buy them individually-all are about $1.50-$4 each. Very cheap, but very nice games/worksheets/activities. Just look under the price of the item-if it says "included in the membership" then don't buy it if getting a memebership...most of the games are not included with it, so those are a great place to start. One can easily print, laminate and organize them to fit into your workbox schedule. I am printing the instructions, placing them into a page protector, and then putting them in a Math Binder or Lang. Binder (and so on) to keep them all nice and centrally located. I will also slip the game into a sheet protector, or 3 hole punch the folder to snap into it, for storage when not using. They have lots of free downloads as well. I am very pleased with the stuff!

I will get a couple pics up soon on the games I bought. One I was so interested in was the Cube Friends. My son knows how to write and say larger numbers, but when I say "point to the ten's spot or the number in the ten's spot" he gets confused. It is a hard concept for most to get, so I decided to get the game. It is cute; and will help show placement without getting all those cubes/ten bars/hund. plates out every time. It will complement the above mentioned manipulatives, help him see the placement in a fun way and hey-it'll fill a workbox in a snap! Plus, I could use the game, worksheets, the physical cubes/tens/hundred blocks, number cards and such and make myself a nice center too! I also bought the Money Game Pack (like $8 for 4 games-since I liked em all, figured it was the best money saving way to go) too-I am looking forward to playing the Toy Store and Cash It In games! They are really cute.

The Donut Shop game, under the language section, is so cute-I really wanna get it, but he is past that point...darn-hopefully I can create something like it with bigger words and with blended words. MS Office-here I come!

Thought I would share this cool site to help you get some ideas/games/worksheets for your boxes.

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