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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What is in the box today

The mumbo jumbo of the Frog Lapbook stuff...almost done-should have it put together by Friday.

The Money Center notice plus the paper he is to work on (which is actually in the center area) and the money is for his Piggy Bank project (this will continue until that pig is full...which is going to take a long time-so we'll just pop one of the containers with change in now and again).

Puzzle with time card (I actually need to make some bigger time cards to attach the wee ones to...another project in the works)

Now sadly, he already completed this box and dad and the boy found not a one! It is just so chilly those buggers must be hiding but good. Hopefully, I can pop this back in next week and we'll be able to catch at least one to observe. Last year at this time we found tons and the frogs were croaking up a storm-sadly, it has been rather quiet in the ponds of late.

That is just some of the boxes today. Oh, and I finally laminated the piggy bank number cards I made for the Money Center Activity folder I submitted to Homeschool Share. Hopefully, they will have those up soon. But anyhoo-I don't have a pic of it today...maybe this week.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week 3 of What's in the Box?

Here are a few samples for this week. I was going to go to the dollar store and do some creative shopping for the workboxes, but there was a huge storm that blew out many folks' electricity-including the dollar stores. Well, I guess I will go this week. I have enough for Monday.

Figured the boy could use a bit of music this in the line up.

Another geography project to do-simple, but a review project for him. It will go into his geography notebook.

I bought some snacks to pop into the boxes on occassion, and since I had animal crackers-how appropriate it is to have him munch the cookies, and read a book about being in the zoo (circus) to boot!

We're doing the Salamander Room this week, so I am just having him do the salamander related projects from the Homeschool Share Salamander Room lapbook. He will create a little booklet on them, instead of a lapbook (trying to not lapbook him to death), that we'll have done in a few days. I still have to print off some pics from Nat'l Geographic Kids about Salamanders to add into it, and that will be complete.

We will also be wrapping up the globe project-making due with the blue paint I have and will add the white later, once I get to the store (when they have electricity) this week. That box has the instructions, paint, brushes, globe and a water cup.

Hopefully, this week's boxes will go rather well with him and I will find some great new goodies to slip into them. Have a great workboxy week.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What's in the box today....

Okay, here are some of the goodies in the boy's box today. He requested the Ocean Animals number cards, so we switched those up from the vehicles one. I also put the bigger workbox on the second shelf, and have a good mix of more studious work to fun stuff.

These bird sheets are Montessori works, and basically the child takes the bird pictures and matches it to the correct square/word to describe it. I colored the different areas and then just drew up a sheet. Usually this should go on a file folder. Mine is old, I made it some years ago...then the pen bled in the folder and you could not read the words-so I just made up a new set to place the pics on. I lamiated them and will call it a day. I put the bird pieces in an old cassette tape holder. I have them for the fish, bird, reptile, and amphibian. We'll do the frog when we start our lapbook on them. This is a quick intro for body parts for my son. We'll get more indepth when we get back into the Flying Creatures Science book and the Land Animals one as well. I am winding down our year-so trying to keep it more fun, less work and light in academics.

I think I saw some downloadable pics for these very things on the site Montessori Materials-look under the science (I hope I saw them there).

This piggy set was a freebie thru our Lutheran Brotherhood Insurance company. It teaches kids to save, spend and tithe by having a piggy bank that is divided into those parts and is accompanied by a workbook that came laminated, so they can write in it with the erasable markers, and erase to reuse as needed. I also put in some change for the boy to put into it. I should think one can come up with something similar for their boxes. Find a piggy bank (we got some for free when our bank opened), loose change, maybe a book on money from the library and then you can discuss ways to save/spend/tithe it.

These are those beads you layout in a pattern and then use a cool iron to melt em together. I think now they have the ones the kids just spray with water and they stick together-but we have these and no new ones are entering my home til these are all used up. I have a huge HELP button on the outside, since he cannot do the iron part. He has a pattern he can choose a vehicle to make from, or can get the patterns out and choose one of those (these are the plastic forms that make something-like a cat).

I also have a box with a sheet on map reading from Enchanted Learning (must have membership and I totally recommend this awesome resource), some colored pencils and a note that says to work on it with dad. Tomorrow he will get a sheet to label the compass, a compass and I will have some things written down for him to do using that compass. We'll also have a project where he will make a globe. We also have the usuals in there-math, reading, copywork, etc.

One final thing-yesterday-may son proclaimed, "I am going to do school the rest of my life!" and in a positive way, as he was so excited about completing his boxes. I almost cried. This was a kid who would run in the opposite direction when I said it was time to hit the books. He was very resistant to school up until those workboxes showed up. I am so sold on this system-amazing. I have another post showing a cool thing you can make, but I must get to an appointment-will post later.

And dear friends-that is What's in the Box for today.