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Friday, August 30, 2013

Making activity component/ trinket boxes [for Montessori works, hands-on-activities] out of food boxes

So what does one do with all those little pieces or parts that are a must when using Montessori works [aka: a specific activity meant to teach something], or some matching activity or whatever it is you have that will need to be contained?  What can you use that keeps them all nice and tidy and looks good too?

Well, being frugal is always a great way to start. So you search your humble abode, and perhaps even ask friends/family for those particular boxes that once housed delicate chocolates or sugar packs. Then you scrounge thru your various scrapbooking paper, collect glue, scissors, a bowl and a brush and you get busy. And that is exactly what I have done lately.  Whenever we get (usually a gift) those nice quality chocolates, I always save the boxes.  My husband actually found one I tucked away and he had the nerve to pitch it.  I gasped in horror and immediately plucked it from its demise.  Thankfully there wasn't anything in the trash yet so it was safe from grossness, and I must say-he won't make that mistake again. The shocked look from such outlandishness across my dazed face surely left a lasting impression on him. LOL

Anyhoo-the reason I am posting this because there are times folks need a box or something to hold those little goodies. So why pay a lot of cashola for something you can make?  I don't know why you would.  I try my best re-purpose things when I can; this is a fun, creative way to get a few storage boxes that are sturdy and useful for our schooling needs.

Now I do not have a canister of Modge Podge about the house, so I did what any frugal gal would-I made the 'poor man's version' of it using Elmer's Glue and water to thin it.  Worked like a charm!
Figured I would just do a picture tutorial (for those who have never tried such things) and put a wee comment under when necessary.  Hope this helps you out.

The Basics:
Find a piece of scrapbook paper that appeals to you. I recommend using the thinner style. Then figure out there the lid fits best-allowing for enough paper to cover up over the sides and slightly over into the inside edge.
 Cut to the area where the corners meet
-but not too far in as you can always fix as you go.
 Put a nice, but not too heavy layer of glue down on the
 lid then lay down in the center area of your paper.
 Flip over and use one of those handy-dandy Pampered Chef  
scrapers (or a soft edged tool) to get rid of any air bubbles.

 Glue, fold and press out any bubbles, along all sides.

 Trim off any excess and tuck the corners in nicely.  Try not to over do it on the inside because the extra bulk may prevent the lid from going over the bottom.
Let dry thoroughly. I actually did two coats.  
Very smooth and durable.

And there ya go-


Now I have a lovely box to contain language materials.  And hey, if it gets crushed-well I am out like 30 cents.  Not too shabby!  :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Storage idea for folder games

This is one of the math games which came with the package set of the math games from Home Education Resources. So I took one of the folders I bought at the Dollar Tree (sold in a 3 pack-I only saw 2 of these so dunno if these were left-over from when school started-way back when) and laminated it. I had to actually split it in half to go thru my laminator, but all is good-just used clear packing tape to reseal, then put one of those envies for CD Roms (kind used to store, you get a ton per box) for the game pieces. I actually just glued 1/2 way up the back side so I can open the top part and have room to do so. I secured it at the bottom front-area with more packing tape to ensure it stays. I added an envelope for the game cards and the instructions were laminated onto the folder (glued on before). This is a nice way to store the stuff. I also did a folder for another game in the package, but it needed 2 of those CD rom envies. I am placing these folder games on the math table, in a rotation. I can use these for the next few years, since it is always good to gain practice in money concepts.
***FORGOT TO MENTION: I had to trim the folder to fit the laminating sheet. I think I sliced off about 1/2" on the bottom per side, and about 1/4" per side.
Guess that would help ya out-LOL!

Thought I would share this idea, incase you were needing some ideas on how to save and store these to last wear and tear of eager students. Blessings