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Friday, April 1, 2011

Ultimate Blog Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

It is that time of year again-the Ultimate Blog Party is up and running! If you haven't joined the fun yet-please do so!  You can meet many new bloggie pals and even enter to win oodles of awesome prizes!

If you are linking in from my main blog, Homeschooling on a Wing and a Prayer, I thought I would take a moment to explain the main purpose of one of my favorite blogs I have in my collection. 

The What's in the Box? blog is designed to highlight ways to implement the Workbox system, and use it to streamline and organize your schooling adventures (hey-you don't have to be a homeschooler to use this system!  It has been used very successfully in PS/PS settings-esp. with children who have special needs.  It would be a great addition to any preschool or day care too!)~it is easy and fun and let me tell ya-makes your days much more productive~
sample ideas on what to put in the boxes

You don't have to use the system exactly how Sue tells you too-in fact, I am a bit of a rebel as I make sure to tell folks to tweak and rework it so it fits your family to a "T".  After all, no two fams are alike and neither are your students.  The beauty of this program is that is centralizes the child's material in the "boxes" (could be folders, drawers and whatever else you can find that serves you best) so that there is no longer that "What do I do next?" or "But I can't find my pencil." or "I dunno what I am suppose to do." or the dreaded dawdling that turns a 15 min. math lesson into a 3 hour nightmare of a struggle.  By placing everything they need for that lesson in their box, you create a stress free zone.  Each box gets a new lesson (different subject and be sure to add some "just for fun" ones in there too), and with anywhere from 3-12 boxes per child, your day will be much less stressful. When the material in the box is done, the number card goes onto their chart and they move to the next box until they are all done! :0)

Space Center Idea

This system brought the spark back into the way we do school (and yes-I slip and don't always use it but let me mention here-when I don't use it, our days are lame and not nearly as productive as they could be).  Sure, it requires more work on my end because I have to get myself organized and pack the boxes-but man-it is so worth the extra hour or so per week (more time usually when you have more kids-and if you read my posts regarding how to get a bunch of pre-work done and scheduling ideas-you will save time too) so that our days run smoothly and the kids are motivated and finish their studies much more efficiently.

Do spend some time trolling thru here-I have lots of links to other great workbox pals, ideas and ways to implement this system.  I haven't been able to post much of late here-but as the school year comes to an end, I will have more time to dedicate to new projects and ideas that I will be sure to post about!