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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another Neil Armstrong workbox sample

These lapbook components match the chapter we're on.  I added the Klutz book for practice with tying knots (this book is a good one.  I had originally bought it for my oldest son when he was in Boy Scouts and am glad I kept it for my youngest), the map flip book was for him to write out a wee map using directions-so I grabbed the little compass and the compass rose component from the Geography Center [in right-hand corner].

About 3x per week we're doing the Neil Armstrong study.  I am following the Beyond FIAR guide and added in the Homeschool Share lapbook to round out this study. I keep the chapter book and TG on my desk-no sense in putting them in his box, since I read the book to him and obviously, the guide is for my benefit.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hey if you are a FIAR rower, and have done the bk 4 ones...

help me figure out where these stories are suppose to take place, I would be much obliged.  I am compiling a listing of the states or country or continent these take place in/by/near/sorta maybe....and since I don't own these, and the inter loans haven't come in yet, any help would be great.  I will post the listings for those FIARowers who like to have a quick glance referral as to where they occur, soon on my scribd.

Arabella (I know it is an island-does it pinpoint any specific region of the world?)
Roxaboxen (any place?)
Higgins Bend (?)
Hanna's Cold Winter (?)
Mailing May (I remember it being out west, OR or WA?)
Hickory Chair (southern USA?)
Albert (would NY be a good guess?)

If you could just leave a comment if you know-I figure some have no location, but a guess to the general area is fine too.  Thanks.
**I forgot to cross post-2 folks have now mentioned HSS and their FIAR listings, and yes, I have finally gone there-but also have posted the version I did on my Scribd pages-look for the icon on the side bar to get you there.  Can never have too many reference charts! :0) Thanks for all your help folks-I have this as done as it is going to get.