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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More pages for my Mom's Folder

Ok, I finally put the label on-again-this is my binder to maintain order and to be able to find the stuff lickety split.

I put the notes from mom/teacher into a pencil holder that came with the pencils I bought-I pull these out to write specific page numbers or whatever, for the boy to follow. The page should be in the files section of the yahoo groups (workbox_fun and workboxes) to download and use.

I downloaded the free chore chart from Curr-Click and then laminated the ones he can do without much supervision. On occasion, I will toss one of these babies into his workbox for the day.

I made up a couple activity cards specific to my son's likes, and some field trip cards as well.

Lastly, I made some help cards, work with mom cards and 3 continuation cards (there will be times that I do not want him to empty his box and be "finished" with the science experiments that take a couple days to do/observe, and other activities that need to be worked on for several days in a row) so those cards have a spot below the calendar to write down the day I want him to work on it to...for example...card goes in Tuesday and has work on 'til Friday on it.

So those are my newest additions for now. I am trying to spend my time off (mini-Easter vaca this week) getting all the prep and organization done before next week, when we officially start using the system.

Hope this helps spur you on to ideas for your family too. Blessings

Saturday, April 11, 2009

What's in momma's box?

Ok, so I thought and thought about how and where exactly to store all this stuff that goes along with the workboxes-like those activity cards. I just am not up to scouring thru a shoebox full of em, nor am I up to finding them scattered thru-out the house (as what seems to happen to things)-so I did what Pooh Bear does-
"Think, think, think"

Ah, then it hit me....after all, Binder Queenitis is a part of me-and so it came to be-my Card Book.

Now mind you, there is no label on it yet, and it looks rather mundane. Oh, but what is inside is pretty cool-and so easy to set up.

I figured the best way to store these puppies was to get em velcro'd onto something so that I can quickly choose and assemble (adding time tags) the needed cards, and then pop 'em into the workbox. For about $.30 total (10 cents for the cardstock [use cardstock because it needs to hold up for a long time] and 20 cents for the laminate sheet) I have a handy dandy way to store these. Add a few velcro squares (cheaper to use the roll of velcro, but I do the dots for the actual workboxes, and back of some of the cards), punch 3 holes on each sheet, to fit the 3 ring binder, and WHALLAA, instant storage solution.

I will add more sheets when they are created.

Clicking the pic will open them to be able to view em better.

Did you notice the game cards? Yes, well I cannot stuff those super long ones in the shoeboxes, nor would I put the Hi Ho Cherry-O in there cuz those little cherries would scatter to the wind-and besides, we store our games in the basement. So what I did was go to Hasbro's site, Amazon or just googled the games we own, then saved the pic of em, pasted them to Word, strunk them to a decent size and made a copy of them. Then I laminated (no surprise there) and velcro'd em (again, no surprise) on the back to stick to the holder sheet, and on the front to receive the time card. Now my son can see the card, run down and get the game and go from there. Obviously, if he were a better reader, I would have just typed the names, but the pictures are fun and perfect for non to sorta readers. I still have to add some more of our games, but I ended up with 2 sheets full (8 per page) so far. The trick is to put the velcro on the bottom section of the card, so I can squeeze them (8) on to the sheet without obstructing the picture (so I can spot em quickly). I will get a more up close pic up soon, with dimensions for you as well.

Anyhoo-that was my Pooh Bear Moment for the day. I also made up another set of number cards, to keep things from becoming monotonous. I also see that Currclick has a free chore chart download which I will run off, laminate and put into the book for use as well.

Sure hope this inspires you to centralize your cards! Best wishes.