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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Teen's workbox stuff-Science notebook

Take a hop over to my Hsing on a Wing and a Prayer Blog to see the latest in our notebook craze. This one is for the teen's biology study. Each module will get its own section, where we will add all sorts of goodies that we want her to remember. You can use this concept with many subjects!

And thanks to my crafty bud at Spell Out Loud, I now have a great way to make these babies even prettier. I kinda knew about this, but needed to "see" it and then I watched the You Tube link to get a better grip. Do stop over there and check it out! I am going to be "beautifying" all the notebooks 'round here (so the science one will undergo a transformation too!)...[and thanks Maureen, you help inspire and motivate me!]

As for the teen's workbox, I add whatever graphics and such we need for that day, with a note telling her what to do, plus the notebook/glue/scissors, etc. and of course, her science reading assignment/text. You could do that for any of your teen's subjects-but you have to have that stuff ready to go (which means getting the copies, worksheets, materials gathered and set to go B4 your student gets to it)..but just to let you in on a teeny tiny secret--lately, we've been scrounging up the stuff after we do the reading b/cuz my life as of late has been extremely busy don't feel too bad if you don't get it done until the point of the student actually doing it, or long as it gets done...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Well, I have not made anything of late-that is rather shocking!

I am trying to figure out what I want to make out of some things I found at the dollar store, but haven't had any bright ideas as of yet-kinda know what area (art) but not exactly what I want to, I feel downright anti-crafty! I am almost ashamed!

Well, we did start our first week of school last week, so that took precedence. I also started the workbox system for my, figured I would list a few of the non-schoolie things I tossed in there...

this is fun...I have her do an outfit or 2 per session-she then glues it together (and when I have the little velcro dots) we then put it in her file folder with her designs-kinda like a designer has.

US President flash cards I found at Target for a buck. (I have only the ones she is currently covering in her All American History lessons in there right now) with a timer card for about 10-15 min.

Quarter Mile Math card to do some fun math practice with a timer card

A card to play a game (shows the actual game pic on it-so she knew which one I meant-as I only made non-worded cards for the boy last spring, so hey, didn't stress her out cuz she didn't have to read the name-lol) with her little brother

Mozart CD to listen to for about 15 minutes (I have a couple different CDs that will show up here and there)

US Puzzle to do (hey, bit below her skill level, but she needed a refresher of where all those states are, and it was a "fun" activity-I will add more again-except it'll be the hundreds of pieces one)

Mystery Marker and Book from Cracker Barrel

What is coming up for the week ahead-

felt squares with sewing needle, thread and pattern to make a character she created (looks like a candy corn with a face) and some beans for fillings

cooking activities: I will type up a card with what I want her to make with the supply list and recipe.

US states flashcards

Educaching activity (this is something I am reviewing)

I am constantly on the lookout for fun stuff to mix in with her reg. work. I am going to dig out some stuff that have been buried in boxes and see what I can come up with. She actually enjoyed the mini-fun things

and oh, lest I forget the biggest show stopper-I have a few snackies that I bought for both of when brother has a snack in his boxes-she will too!

So that is all that is newish here-wanted to give ya some ideas for your teens-do not be afraid to put some things that are a bit "below them" because the idea is to give them a few minutes of fun, refreshing activities to revive the brain cells before jumping back into the ole reg. school work.