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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Things that go with the hot dog theme

Well this is officially Hot Dog Month (July, but you can do this anytime)-so why not do some fun activities centered around it?

I see that HOAC has their Hot Diggity Dog Lapbook available, and you can get it for free. Just click the "Freebie" button near the top. Then you have a great project to fill up another workbox!

Need some cute food ideas? Try this: Family Fun Video where they show you how to create hot dog/burger cupcakes (very cute). You could put the ingredients into the workbox, which means you just added a craft, snack and tie in to the ever delish hot dog. I am not a fan of those circus peanuts they suggested for the buns tho-I will look around the candy selections and see if I can find a substitute...otherwise, maybe we'll just top the cupcakes off with those gummy hot dogs. Hmm.

Having the kids work on the Odd/Even Hot Dog work I showed (scroll down a couple posts) will just add to the hot dog fervor.

This is just too cute to resist! Guess I know what we'll be doing when we get back from vaca.