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Saturday, October 10, 2009

A different approach to those expandable file folders my daughter is using

So I was using paper clips to attach the little notes and info cards for my daughter's workbox file folders-and grew very tired of the paper clips failing in their mission, the fact a lot of  them would go MIA. Oh, and simply-the messiness of it all.
Then my brain had one of those light bulb moments. I grabbed my pack of library pocket cards I bought during the summer (of course, from the Dollar Tree) and spray affixed them to the folders-now I can simply slide the note in there. No more lost cards! The only problem with this is that the cards I use (except the long white ones and index cards) are a tad too wide. So I will simply run another set off and trim the closer to fit. I can still use these files for a lot of other things, once we switch to the shelving unit (when that is going to happen is a mystery).

Thought I would share that helpful idea, as I know a few of you are also using files/expandable ones.