Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another Neil Armstrong workbox sample

These lapbook components match the chapter we're on.  I added the Klutz book for practice with tying knots (this book is a good one.  I had originally bought it for my oldest son when he was in Boy Scouts and am glad I kept it for my youngest), the map flip book was for him to write out a wee map using directions-so I grabbed the little compass and the compass rose component from the Geography Center [in right-hand corner].

About 3x per week we're doing the Neil Armstrong study.  I am following the Beyond FIAR guide and added in the Homeschool Share lapbook to round out this study. I keep the chapter book and TG on my desk-no sense in putting them in his box, since I read the book to him and obviously, the guide is for my benefit.

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