Saturday, October 10, 2009

The ABC Teach goodies I put together

I am currently reviewing the ABC Teach online site for TOS.  I thought I would share here, a few goodies I have put together so far.

First up for your viewing pleasure is the German reinforcement charts I found.  They are actually worksheets, but being the workbox lady that I am, I found that by backing the two pages (one with the German names/blank spot for English names on it for the pictures; and one with both sections blank to fill it) that I could create a packet of laminated charts my daughter can use and reuse to practice those words.  She asked for extra goodies to test her, and to help her remember the words-that are not a part of  the program we use.  Thankfully, ABC Teach has a whole section of great supplements for foriegn languages.  I still have to print the flashcards, and more sheets like this-but it is a start.  And I have a jump ring to add more as we go.  It will add a little pizzaz in her workboxes.

Behind curtain number 2, we have this fine little package. Using the section on Mini Offices, I was able to download and print those things my son is or has worked on in math. Some of it is a bit advanced, but we will be getting there soon, so I put them in. There are lots to select from. I used your typical file folders, laid a sheet of trimmed color paper down first (because, if you read my Lapbook blog-this is something I do; as I feel it helps the material you put there POP out and become more noticeable. But if I had all colored file folders, I wouldn't necessarily have to do that.) Then I applied the charts and graphs that pertain to his needs. I used the spray can of glue and I am telling you-it is the only way to go with projects like this. I then did the middle section, then I spray glued the back side of that file folder, and stuck it to a new one. I can add many more as we go using this process. The Mini-Office idea is not new to the education world, but it was newish to me. I heard my fellow TOS mates discussing it before I had a chance to read thru Sue Patrick's WKBX book, and sure enough-thought it was a pretty good idea. I could have used one of these puppies whilst I was in school-including college! I will be making a language one as we go. Right now, it isn't necessary because he simply isn't at that point of a lot of grammar and the like.  [*I let the boy sticker it up to make it "his"-and to fill in some open spaces.]

Now this set is for the boy.  I found he was struggling to understand what a dozen, 1/2 dozen were.  So I found these cool construction dudes/dudettes in the clip art section, along with the awesome signs.  He loves this sort of thing-so I am running with it.  I then took a few items out of the package of construction cut-outs from the Room Decor packet for teachers, that  I bought at the Dollar Tree this summer.  It had big orange cones that I really wanted to use, but there is only 5-so I am saving those for another game. I grabbed the 4 work zone cards, and one of the barriers to laminate and use.  I almost bought the little cones that came in a packet of 25 and now regret not doing so.  I will keep a look out, b/cuz I am thinking I could make a game board using them and with the signs and such-have a cute activity for him.  I also used my MS Word clip art to find the clipboards.  I printed all of that, plus typed up some cards for it.  After he gets the dozen thing, I can just make new cards to address any issues that come along (I am already thinking of making multiplication ones and so on).  The idea behind this game is that he takes his clipboard and chooses a card with work orders.  It tells him how many signs need to go on 2 of the work zones. He then choses one card at a time from the sign collection pile. He reads what it says and if he gets to collect signs, he does. Other times he may lose signs that fell off the truck.  After he gets enough signs to fill the order-he puts those signs on the appropriate work zone sign.  When he completes his orders. He starts over again.  It is that simple (and because the cards are broken down into numbers that all go into 12,  and it says things like "pick a dozen signs" he is learning thru fun-what a dozen means).  I can also have him do some other projects and activities that teach it as well-but this one is so personal and enticing to my ever loving construction boy.

There you have it-by using the components I found on that site, and with a few things I had laying around-I now have some more fun activities for our workboxes!  Cool.  One of the things I want to be careful of in regard to the workboxes/kids, is to not worksheet  them to death. This site is very worksheetish by nature-but by thinking outside the worksheet zone-I came up with a few games and ideas that are less "just fill in the papers" or "keep em busy" type of work. I  managed to create a few items which reinforce what we are learning, and still keep it from being boring.  I am seeing a lot more I can do with their stuff.  I hope to have at least a couple more posts before the subscrip runs out.  So until next time.....

ABC Teach homepage


  1. Very Cool Sheri!

    Gave you a blog award today! You can read about it here:

  2. You have such cool ideas, Sheri! See my blog tomorrow...I will be posting about how I set up a dog breeds lapbook for my son to do. I set it up so that it could go in his workbox and he would be self-sufficient. At least that is the idea!

  3. I just have to ask you how you use spray glue without making a huge mess everywhere. I'm having trouble getting my file folder games to stick to the folder, especially when I'm using velcro. The spray glue seems perfect, except that I make such a mess with it.

  4. Loved seeing what you are doing. It is so much fun to get ideas from other people.