Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our Shelf/Workboxes

I opted for a larger bin to replace two smaller ones-we do lapbooks and large projects frequently and I just did not want to have to cram them in to be crushed or bent. I found a Rubbermaid one that is just about 5" high, so it can be moved to any shelf and still fit. That way I can vary his large projects through out the weeks.

This is the Velcro center in our classroom area. I have the red one for his numbers to be placed, and the blue one is for our calendar pieces (to prevent them from coming up missing, and because I can place several there per week and not have to remember to toss one into the workbox each day).

These are just some of the samples of items that we have been putting in.

I love the All About Spelling Program-I made up some cards to pop into the workbox which are laminated (wow, big surprise there) that I can write the lesson on (mostly for my sake), the chart and actually, I have some flashcards under there too.

Those blue strips you see in the box (paper clipped) are the Top of the Line and Double Time Lines available thru the Heads Up! company. I did a review on these Line Reading Frames which are amazing. They keep my son's eyes focused on the line he is reading, and keep him from becoming frustrated with losing his place.

Here is one of the game cards I made. I stuck a time clock on it, so he knows how long we can play it. These are shown in the post about my Workbox Folder.

I am utilizing one of the sticky notes I laminated (found on the yahoo groups' file section) with the page numbers noted and his pencil. I actually have to throw in some color pencils as well, since the Memoria Press Copy Book has pages for the student to draw a picture that correlates to the verse they copied.

Now when my son is done with his tasks-we have him replace the numbers on their board and the items get put in either the Return Box or the Assignment Box. I have those on the window seat area across from the workbox shelf (I moved it to take the picture so you could see it, as it get lost next to his desk...) for easy clean up. I chose to not go the route of piling empty boxes on the floor. Lack of room and my need to keep things orderly are preventing partaking in that aspect of the S.P. W.B. System.

The blue box is for all the info cards that he will receive in his workboxes-he will put them there so that they do not become lost in the shuffle of returned goodies.

Well there you have our basic layout and set up for our system. I am sure I will be adding more as the weeks progress, but for now I think we are ready to give this system the green light [we have up to this point not done a complete week due to Easter and then our mini-vaca this past week, so this will be our first full week using them].....

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