Sunday, May 1, 2016

New header and background to freshen up the old blog

I figured it was time to update a bit.  It's the best I could come up with for now.  Not exactly what I wanted but different and a bit more subdued.

And since I am talking refreshing here-I am trying to do more on this blog.  I guess since we don't use them like we used to-at least to the previous capacity, I just have not had enough to post about.  But hopefully here, I will get into the habit of using them more which will lead to more posts. Actually, our lack of not using them is a two-fold issue. The first being that my son is older and I tend to go to a planner or check list and not so much the boxes for high school. Secondly, I have just been doing what I can to get things done-I am feeling better but I am still in that foggy area on the outskirts of grief.  It's been a true struggle getting back into life after suffering such a loss (of my brother last year) so keeping things non-complicated is about all I can do at this point.  But I have tried a lot of ways to implement them and have seen how well they can streamline your day.

So if you have some workbox questions, ask away.  Maybe I can do some more "Ask Sheri" posts for you.  I know many are new to workboxing, or are perhaps not quite getting the idea behind it or struggling to make it work for them.  Maybe I know a few tricks (maybe-lol) or have a few ideas that may help you out.

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