Monday, May 10, 2010

My how time flies-well the workboxing has taken a strange holiday

a holiday of mainly non-use...not because I don't like them anymore, but because our days have been filled with drives back and forth to another town for driver's ed, a traveling sick/food poisoned husband, and various other types of distractions that have rendered them almost extinct for a bit.  But workbox buddies-do not despair because I will be back into our groove soon (only 2 more driver's ed classes and altho we have 3 drive times left-it isn't creating a huge gap of time loss in our days) to once again workbox away!

I am starting tomorrow off with a secret workbox activity for my boy.  [Tues. and Thurs.] we have been doing school.  So here it is and gosh, have no idea why it didn't pop in my head sooner.  If you are Sue Patrick, you may want to look away...this totally goes against your recommendations...


Yep, you read that right-I am going to randomly hide about 6 or so boxes tonight, all over, in odd places like my closet, under a table, in a cabinet, down in the basement-etc.  He will then have to hunt all over the house to locate them.  Now, he can scout ahead, and find all em if he wants, but he must do them in order (so if he finds #4 and hasn't done #2 or 3 yet, then he cannot do it). Talk about a neat way to "shake it up a bit" heh?  I will have to map it out as I do it so I can be ready if he needs assistance.  That should get him revved up and get some schooling done too.  :0)

HTH inspire ya!  I will let you know how it goes ~


  1. I LOVE this idea!!! I am so going to have to do it. Not tomorrow though. It's 10:30pm here and I must head off to bed, but soon. Oh very soon. I SO love this idea!!! Did I say that already? ;-)

  2. What a great idea, will have to give that one a go, thanks for sharing!
    Love your blog by the way.

    New Zealand

  3. I'm so sorry your dh has been sick! I hope he is feeling better soon.

    Look forward to hearing about how the treasure hunt went. I'm sure it will be fun!