Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Hide and Go Seek Workbox Adventure

So, if you caught that post about hiding various workboxes around the homestead, you probably recall that I said I would post how it went.  Well-just as that great idea popped into my noggin-my son came down with a terrible case of the flu.  So I had to delay it by over a week.  Thankfully, he recovered just fine, and we were able to give it a test run.  His face just lit up when I explained what he was to do.  Here are a couple shots of the event.  Funny-one I didn't put in the box, just tucked it under a pillow/stuffed animal that was on the couch, and don't cha know-that was the one we spent a lot of time hunting for cuz I simply couldn't remember where I had put it (note to self: take one's own advice and mark out where you hide these things)..we got a good laugh about that.

This was a no brainer-had it right out on the dining room table.  Figured I would start him out easy like...
I had this way back by the door to the garage. I literally hid the boxes all over the house, the poor dear had to run up and down 2 flights of stairs and search everyone's rooms.

Number 4 was stuffed betwixt the wall and the back of the couch.  The boy had some space (well enough at least) to work on this.  I think this was my favorite spot to hide the boxes.

Uh, yes, Santa tablecloth.  Well, my teen is a painter and this was on my craft table.  This was the one in the basement.  At that point it was nice to head down there cuz it was getting kinda hot in the rest of the house (was fighting turning on the air so soon in the season-so we cowboy'd up and endured the unpleasantness).

And so it went.  I ended the 8th box on his bed (top bunk) so it took him some time to spot it, as it was hard to see from his eye-level.  That was a couple tapes (one was Hank the Cowdog, the other some American songs-ie:  Working on the Railroad, etc.) and his tape player/headset. Yes, tapes are outdated, but alas-Papa gave him a portable tape player and I have tons of those things from my previous years of schooling, and so why not?  LOL.  Besides our CD portable player bit the dust.  So I was able to relax and work on my business, and he was able to chill and hang out after a hard day of hunting.

I am going to do this here and there to break up the monotony for sure. I am planning on having a snack box too.  So do consider this fun alternative.  Just remember to remember where ya put them!


  1. I started using the workboxes last year, but then we got sidetracked. Plan on starting back - LOVE this idea, my kids love scavenger hunts.

  2. How fun! We're going to try this!

  3. This looks like a fun day and I had to LOL at not remembering where they all were! I can so see myself doing this too! (And have on different types of hunts!)

    Hope you are having a great holiday week-end!