Friday, April 16, 2010

Some ideas for the workboxes

I found this gem at the local Dollar Tree. Seems they are starting to stock more teacher material, which is a blessing. There were others to choose from-I think there was a geography one and or a lang. arts one? Cannot check your local stores. I actually put small letters to each matching set (cuz honestly, I don't always have time to check the work-they can do a self-check after they do it).  Then I laminated it for a longer life.  :0)

So this is just another idea of what you can stuff the boxes with. One could even put this with the math lesson of the day (so when we do measurements-I can add this entire kit or just pull the ones that match the areas we are covering).  Keeping your eye open for such little goodies can help build your "goodies kit".  I look at the dollar sections at Target, Michaels, JoAnns, and of course dollar stores.  With garage sale season coming up-you should be able to find some great little doo-dads too, and for cheap too.

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