Saturday, September 12, 2009

Math projects for Elementary students

I cannot say enough about this awesome site! Home Education Resources has some fantastic downloads for way cheap! I mean the fraction tarts were like a buck 50! And it is very well done. So, I bought it, printed and laminated them, and now it is ready to go into the boy's workboxes, when we start the ole fractions in math. You can find a ton of really cute and fun activities at the Home Education Resources homepage. The donut one (under language) looks soooo cute-unfortunately, it is below my boy's skill level (I forgot about this site until just this spring-so I missed my op to use that one). These are copyrighted products, so please honor that.

UPDATE:  looks like the donuts and the pie fractions are no longer available. I am so bummed but there are new items on her site.  If I find anything similar I will post about it.

I dug this little sweetie out of my collection of stuff.  It is a set (there are 10 of the 100 boards in there, I gave some to my friends, but I also let the kids write on a few (so we're down to 4 good ones). It has the 100 boards, and all the number tiles to do several different activities to teach many skills. Obviously, laying the tiles from 1-100 is the main one...but there are activities in the booklet that teach place value, patterns and they can even turn the tiles over and build pictures on the board too. I bought this when I first started homeschooling-WAY back in the early nineties. They still make it-but you have to buy it thru someone. OK, I see this company has it for $27ish Teacher's Paradise, but it says out of stock. I suppose you can do a more thorough Google search if it interests ya. I actually do not see any problem with a person making their own 100s board and then making the number cards too.

Well, anyhoo-these are a couple more math ideas.


  1. Thanks for the link. I will go check it out.. :)

  2. Thanks for the link to H.E.R! They have great prices. :)