Friday, April 25, 2014

The evolution of our workboxes from the first use to now

I have been a bit of a Pinterest addict lately, and one of the key focuses has been the workbox. Yes, even though we have been on the workbox bandwagon for years now, I still love to check out other folks' boxes and how they implement it in their schooling.

So I got to thinking.  Perhaps a post highlighting our changing boxes throughout the years may be helpful to the new-to-workbox peeps; and to those who love to see how a family will tweak their boxes as they go along. When we started I had an 8 yr old elementary student and a high school student.  So I had to create two types to meet my family's needs.  

Version 1: Elementary
This is how we started our elementary student. Since I did a review of Sue Patrick's book, I wanted to implement the workboxes as close to her suggested way as possible. Some things worked, others did not. My son does not need many of the repetitive steps and I did not want finished boxes on the floor, so I eliminated those ideas pretty much right from the start. Hey, I do my own thing. I also know that at times we'll need to tweak the process when different issues and needs pop up-and am totally fine with changes. I just stay true to us and what works for us.

The shoe rack and clear shoe boxes set-up.  Highly recommend using this as your first style (unless you are in a tiny space) because it is one of the least expensive ways to go.  

This is an example of how I had the area set up for my son to put finished materials and work. It changed a lot because I tend to move things around a ton.

Version 1:  High School 

My high schooler needed some organization but I did not want to spend much money because she only had 3 years of school left.  So we didn't get all giggity with her workboxes.  This is what I came up with for her at first, then when I decided to go to the Trofast system, she had 6 boxes and my son had 6.  

I bought this clear, acrylic file holder at Staples.  It worked great for all her lighter weight assignments.  I also bought color top loading files.

 Her station for putting her completed work and activities.

She usually had a 'Holding Station' 
card for her heavy textbook work.  

IKEA Trofast storage drawer units
These move easily, and are in two separate units. They can fit many 
different arrangements that our room seems to 
experience throughout the year.
[Wonder how that happens?  LOL]
The return boxes usually were on the floor nearby 
or they left the stuff in the drawers.
I now have a large red box in the bottom of the right unit
 for him to use as the return box.

And there you have a quick look at how we tweaked the units to work for us.  I didn't need to worry too much about space (for once) so I was able to get larger workbox systems. Those who have smaller school areas/homes would need to use less space absorbing ones like file totes, wall hanging holders, binders and so forth.  Pintrest is full of many, many ideas, so be sure to check out that valuable resource.

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