Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Science idea: Volcano stuff

Don't blow your top!  OK, do but do it in a not too messy manner! 
Loaded up the workbox with the ingredients we needed to make his volcano blow (we got this while traveling-at the Cracker Barrel Store, but you can find them in all sorts of places-it is the easy way to make a volcano)...and included the Magic School Bus video on Volcanoes.  The Janice VanCleave's Volcanoes book is a great resource.  We did the volcano experiment using a potato cork-but couldn't get pics b/cuz it blew before we could position the camera and snap one of it.  It was OK, not super exciting but it demonstrated the pressure build up in volcanoes nicely.

You can also make an underwater volcano by putting in BKing Powder instead of soda then drop it carefully into a glass of water-we also have a mini-sub and the boy will make them both go at the same, fun!

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