Friday, April 8, 2011

I told you I would get creative~eventually~My Artist Memory Game

So, I purchased those dollar store bulletin board packs way back, just knowing I could make something from them (this one has 5 each of an artist palette, glue bottles and packs of crayons) and then a pack of 25 little easels.  What I thought I could use them for, I had no idea.  But I could see the potential.  Finally, it came to me-we study at least 3 artists a year.  So why not make a matching project/game that my son could do, to help retain the artist styles and typical art work?

I visited Olga's Gallery for Mary Cassatt's and Winslow Homer's images; and for J. J. Audubon's art to create these little gems!  I had fun-and I was able to get 8 different easels for each artist palette.  I will grab some more when I go to the local Dollar Tree, and hopefully find some more of these packs so I can continue with this (adding artists as we go).  I have yet to laminate them, but was so excited to show them off. 

This is a very easy project-simply size the pics [on your MS Word or similar program] to fit the easel and type the title (I didn't put the year for 2 reasons-wasn't sure I could fit it all on, and the pics dates were not listed, so I have to search each one to get they remain dateless..but you could do that if you wish), and on the back put the initials of the artist in a corner (this serves as a self-check, but don't tell your student if you want them to really work at it. This is a Montessori allows you to say, "Check it", if you don't have time to come and do so yourself.  You need to be careful with children who will simply flip it to get the answer, and not sit a moment and ponder the picture to make a guess. My son knows the "trick", but also knows I expect him to be honest about trying to figure it out first-which he will).

This makes a great workbox activity.  Just store in a Ziplock or envelope and let em at it. :0)

And without much further ado-My Artist Study Memory Game

 3 artist palettes with the individual artist's names and DOB/DOD
with 24 art easels (8 each)

So when the child plays, they look thru the mixed up pile, 
and place the correct image under the correct artist!

~Have fun~


  1. Oh my gosh - that is awesome! Great idea, thanks for sharing.

  2. I am still do workboxes, we LOVE them so much, look forward to reading all your great ideas!